"Unleash Your Creativity: Join Our Handmade Rakhi Masterclass and Create Stunning Rakhis with Resin!"

"As the Rakhi season approaches, imagine the joy of creating unique, personalized Rakhis with your own hands."



5 PM - 7 PM LIVE

Things You Will Craft During The Workshop!!

and many more....

And Here’s What You’ll Discover/Learn In Live Masterclass

What will you learn? Brace yourself for an incredible resin art experience:
🎨 Master the art of proper resin and hardener mixing
🌈 Explore the world of resin pigments and their vibrant possibilities
🖌️ Discover various surfaces suitable for your creations
⚠️ Learn essential precautions and safety measures
🌺 Unlock the secrets of preserving real flowers in resin
🎨 Unleash your creativity with acrylic and vinyl elements
🌸 Adapt your art to seasonal changes
📏 Understand different types of stands for displaying your Rakhis
🔧 Familiarize yourself with essential resin tools and their usage
➗ Dive into different resin ratios and achieve perfection
✨ Add captivating finishing touches to your art pieces
📚 Gain access to a detailed vendor list for all your materials
💰 Learn how to price your unique Rakhi creations
... and much more!
This beginner-friendly session is designed to ensure individual attention for every participant. You'll receive comprehensive knowledge of the art form, empowering you to create anything your heart desires. Plus, don't just learn—start your own business with confidence!


Our Student’s Results Speak For Us

Priya Jain

Artist | Mentor | Founder

A self-made independent artist working in the field of handmade craft for over 4 years. I am a Resin artist by profession along with this I make personalized and customized gifts.
Also, I am a supplier of resin raw material
Today I have more than 1000+ Resin products in my station and I have been selling my products Globally. I have successfully served 7000+ customers to date. Along with this, I take workshops as well.

Get Certification For This Masterclass

By Coach “Priya jain ”, After Attending The Masterclass
  • Become A Certified “Designation”
  • Include In Your Resume
  • Enhance Your Credibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the Handmade Rakhi Masterclass about?
The Handmade Rakhi Masterclass is an immersive, hands-on workshop where you'll learn the art of creating unique, personalized Rakhis using resin. The workshop covers everything from resin mixing to finishing touches, ensuring you have the skills to create beautiful Rakhi
2 Who can join the masterclass?
This masterclass is designed for budding resin artists, students, teachers, working professionals, and anyone aged 18-50 years who has a passion for crafting and creativity.
3 When and where will the workshop be held?
The workshop will be conducted live on Zoom on the 20th and 21st of July 2024, starting at 5 PM onwards.
4 How much does the masterclass cost?
The regular price for the masterclass is INR 2599/-. However, the first 10 registrations will receive a special price of INR 1799/- only (per person), including a free material kit and surprise gifts delivered to your doorstep.
5 What materials will be provided in the kit?
The material kit includes:Pigments Rakhi mold Rakhi bazel Mini tray mold Rakhi sticker sheet Thread Chains Mini katori Tikka chawal Ice cream sticks/stirrers Hand gloves Crystal beads and stones Dried flowers Geode Jump rings Flakes Measuring cup/beaker Weighing scale Resin + Hardener Apron Free gifts
6 What types of Rakhis will I learn to make?
You will learn to make various Rakhis including:Agate Rakhi Geode Rakhi Glow in the Dark Rakhi Chain Rakhi Flower Rakhi Photo Rakhi Name Rakhi Thread Rakhi Tikka Chawal Rakhi Bazel Rakhi Pearl Rakhi Spotify Rakhi Cartoon Rakhi Tikka Chawal Thalli
7 Is the workshop suitable for beginners?
Yes, the workshop is beginner-friendly and designed to provide individual attention to each participant, ensuring everyone can learn and create confidently.
8 What if I miss a session?Sample question
The workshop will be conducted live, and it's highly recommended to attend both sessions to get the full learning experience. However, if you miss a session, you can contact us for possible solutions, such as access to recorded sessions.
9Will I receive a certificate upon completion?
Yes, participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the masterclass, along with lifetime guidance to help you continue your resin art journey
10 How can I register for the masterclass?
You can register for the masterclass by clicking on the "Register Now" button on our landing page. Seats are limited, so we encourage you to secure your spot as soon as possible.
11 Can I use the materials after the workshop?
Absolutely! The materials provided in the kit are yours to keep and use for future projects beyond the workshop.
12 Will there be any bonuses?
Yes, participants will receive free material kits for the workshop and additional surprise gifts to enhance their creative journey.
13 What if I have no prior experience with resin art?
No prior experience is necessary! The workshop is designed to cater to beginners and will provide step-by-step guidance to ensure you learn and create beautiful Rakhis with ease.
14How do I receive my material kit and gifts?
The material kit and surprise gifts will be delivered to your doorstep before the workshop begins. Ensure your address is correctly provided during registration.
15What are the benefits of attending this masterclass?
By attending this masterclass, you will:Learn a new skill and master the art of resin Rakhi making Create unique, personalized Rakhis Receive comprehensive knowledge and guidance Gain access to a detailed vendor list for your materials Learn how to price and potentially sell your creations Join a community of like-minded creative individuals