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Comb with vintage design encrusted with a pink shade, Handmade with 💜Suitable for smooth to wavy fine hair or as a decorative object. ✔︎ Perfect to slip into the bag, beauty kit, or to decorate the bathroom. An essential and totally unique hairdressing accessory! In case of a small stain or dust, you can use a damp cloth with a neutral PH cleaning product or soapy water. MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Each creation available in the shop is handmade. The raw material used is a high-quality and ultra-transparent epoxy resin. Since the resin is a chemical process that reacts, and the objects are handmade, it is possible that rare bubbles and/or raised parts are present on the surface of the creations, which does not alter the quality of the product!


This is a gorgeous handmade comb made with resin and pink shade Upon request I may be able to make this in different colors. Since all combs are custom-made by hand all designs are unique.

for any customisation write in a text box